‘Pics’ don’t lie

I am not trying to tell you that you’re fat or that you must go on a massive diet and look scrawny and almost breakable (Thigh gaps are so passé). What I am telling you that if your weight makes you unhappy, you have to do something about it. For most of us, the ‘5 feet somethings‘, we unfortunately do not have the luxury of letting go when it comes to food. Let’s not confuse this with body shaming or idolising the ‘size zero’, but if you’re short and slightly healthy (like your proud mother would call you), you ARE going to look like a little tea pot short and stout!

I am someone with a whole lot of confidence and there is very little that can shake that confidence. Yet, there are obviously times when I feel dissatisfied by not just the way I look but also how I feel. How you feel and how you look are interchangeable really although I can say with some confidence that when you don’t look good, you won’t feel good but if you feel good, you most certainly are, my Piccolas, going to look good.

So what are the things that make us feel good? The hair- yes, good skin- sure, the clothes, the bag and happy feet- its the whole package and sometimes it takes some work. For the Piccolas, certainly, AND for celebrities we admire and follow to death.

First thing I am going to tell you, is to stop doing that to yourselves. You are never going to look like Kareena, Deepika or Priyanka. Do you know how many hours they spend in a make-up room getting their hair and face done before a single picture of theirs is made public? Sure you do. Can’t blame them either though. They’re scrutinised by the media, watching them like hawks ready to devour them for the slightest faux pass in the way they have dressed or even for nails that aren’t perfectly manicured.

So. What I am telling you is the only person you need to compare yourself to- is YOU.

The look you wear is your look. The one you will always wear best. 

Whenever I am not feeling good about my looks, I look through my pictures- on the phone. Don’t imagine me sitting in front of a rusted trunk pulling out photograph albums from the days of yore! It is more helpful than you think actually. I immediately know from my pictures- “Hey! I should have lost weight for that wedding” or “Hey! I look so good here!” And most often, its either the way my hair looks or my chubby face or actually even the wrong neckline I’m wearing that tells me what I did wrong.

The first thing I do, which is also the hardest thing I must do- I get on that treadmill. If it sounds like an easy thing to do from my writing, I have fooled you. I am lazy. I want everything but I want to do little to get it. So I procrastinate. And finally when I am seriously fed up to an extent where I don’t want to go out anymore, I get on that treadmill. But trust me, once you get in the habit of it, it doesn’t seem like such an ordeal.

While I am going to give you a lot of short cuts to wearing the right things to give you a taller look, a slimmer look, there is no short cut to feeling good and fit except exercise. I hate that I believe it, but I do. It is painful to look at your gorgeous holiday pictures or pictures from friends’ weddings where you wish you had just controlled your cravings for sometime before the weddings and run a few kms. a day.  That’s when you really want to be fit and feel good for more than just occasions.

So before we get to the hair and the skin and the shoes and heels, we need to cut back a little on our cravings and pick up just about any physical activity and get really fit.

I’m sure some of you have lived abroad during your undergrad or for you post grad studies. Did you feel that was your prime? I did. And I will tell you how I did nothing but I was fit as a fiddle and it was difficult to not look good in every picture during those days. 😉

I was eating RICE for dinner! Sometimes even mashed potato with mutton and bread for dinner- my favourite meal of the day.

We can all be fit despite that last sinful meal of the day. I walked. A LOT. I would do 5 to 10 kms. a day, EASY. Somehow you just end up walking a lot more when not in India. I would also play 30 mins of squash twice or thrice a week.

When back in India- because the weather and the pollution just drain you out – you have to therefore, pick up a sport or any form of physical exercise that you enjoy. It is important that you enjoy it otherwise you’re just going to give it up sooner or later. Take up kick boxing! I enjoyed that a lot. Cross fit maybe. Its too rigorous for me but it works for some. I suggest moving on to cross fit or kick boxing once you have had a month or two of regular physical exercise since they’re quite intense you don’t want to strain yourselves too much too soon. Ease into it.

While we are on the topic of weight, pay your gynaecologist a visit. Get checked for PCO. Polycystic Ovaries. It is very common in Asian women so don’t be alarmed. When you put on weight too quickly or suddenly, if you’re having a pimple out burst, or notice facial hair- you need to get checked for PCO. All of these symptoms don’t show up simultaneously. The best way to control it is to exercise and the medication prescribed clears up your skin and helps in reducing weight too! Just saying, maybe this could be your problem.

Also, girls- your pictures may be telling you to put on some weight. Do NOT ignore this message just because everyone around you is struggling to lose it. You are the lucky ones. Life is short. Eat that cake.

So, the rest of you, if you too want to eat that cake, get over your laziness and buy yourselves a nice pair of kicks and get on that road to looking fabulous every. single. day.

Feel fantastic. Shine. You are born with glitter in your veins!



PICCOLA: You are the heart of this blog

Piccola’, as some of you travellers/avid readers, may know, is Italian for “Little Girl“. It is a word affectionately used by Italians for girls who are short. The girls who are a little over 5 feet but insist they are 5 feet 1 or those that are 5 feet 1 and insist they are almost 5 feet 2.

I was in Italy for a few months and it was the most beautiful way I could have spent that time. A stunning, tall, greek friend of mine used to call me Piccola. I loved the word surprisingly. No one likes being called short, right? No one enjoys being short. Not all the time at least. When you see Angelina Jolie adorn a gorgeous gown or, closer to home, Sonam Kapoor who is a style goddess no less- you wish you were tall! You suddenly want those endless legs and basically wish how you could carry off everything that say Sonam or Deepika (Padukone of course) wear.

Don’t worry, I am going to talk about exactly that and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do my Piccolas! And you’re going to enjoy it because its mostly do’s and very little don’ts. You’re going to have new fashion idols who are as tall as you, hot and also cute. Yes, cute. Isn’t that a basic short girl problem. You don’t want to be called cute all the time! But think of it this way- you get to be both. Cute makes you real. You can be yourself, no pretences, no baby talk, and be cute because you are! You don’t have to try! And seriously, take the compliment when someone calls you cute next time rather than wishing he would say you’re hot! You dressed up for you, not for a compliment- although it is always nice to hear someone appreciate your looks- its not frivolous or superficial. Trust me. Its human.

There you go- we already know we all love compliments, we also know exactly the compliment we want, we often don’t get to hear exactly that but when we do get one- we should be gracious, straighten up our spine and feel a little heady- like we know it and WE OWN IT.


Until next time,