Wardrobe woes? Not this weekend.

Just in time for the weekend! Heading out? Keep these things in mind Piccolas.

First, look at the featured image. Yes, you need to ditch your heels with a thick ankle strap IF you’re wearing a dress and if you are anything under 5 feet 3. These thick straps give the illusion that you’re even shorter than you already are. If you do fancy heels with ankle straps, go in for the thinner ones. Ideally, you should be wearing nude pumps – they make your legs look longer.

What you can do with your ankle strap pumps is- wear them with jeans or a maxi skirt/dress.

Second- unless you’re going out casually, don’t go in for wedges or block heels. I know they are amazingly comfortable and seem like a great alternative but seriously, wear that Saturday night outfit with wedges and then with pumps and your mirror will immediately tell you what I am talking about. You don’t have to wear stilettos or 4 inch heels girls, you can be comfortable in pumps too.

The only time its ok to wear wedges is, like I said, (a) when you want to keep it casual or (b) when you’re going for a garden party.

Next, your clothes. Piccolas you can wear the shortest skirt you fancy but NOT if you didn’t pay heed to my advice in my earlier post ‘Pics’ don’t lie (click to read) to get on that treadmill. You are not going to feel confident wearing a short skirt or dress with legs that are not worked out! And I already told you, if anything makes YOU unhappy- YOU need to do something about it- which includes how you feel and how you look.

So- the ideal length of a dress/skirt for you Piccolas is just above the knees. Not covering the knee, not below the knee but just above it. Any thing longer than that again gives you the illusion of being shorter than you already are. A shorter length than that- go for it if you’re looking after that body. Renovate, rejuvenate and tone that body- After all, it IS what you are going to be living in all your life!

By the way did I tell you, you can rock a Maxi. Yes, you can. Just make sure they’re ankle length and not hiding your feet. You also need to be careful about the prints on your maxi- nothing large. Go in for petit prints, dainty work, solid colours and accessorise.

Talking about accessories, chokers have been around for a while but they are not for you if you don’t have a long face. I see brides with heavy gold/diamond/polki chokers – it is just wrong- choke chains have a purpose, to look good- not one of them.

No matter how tall you are, if you have a round face or a slightly chubby face and small neck, chokers literally make you look like you’re choking. I seriously cannot imagine, a bride especially, looking back at those pictures and feeling happy about her most important day. But tall or short, if you have a thin, long face and a long neck- by all means- choke.

Nonetheless, if you do like to wear something close to your neck there is an alternative for Piccolas. Buy something dainty. A thin sting or a gold/silver chain with a minimalist design or logo. It looks lovely!

Now stop hunching and strut right in front for that group picture.

Enjoy your weekend!



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