PICCOLA: You are the heart of this blog

Piccola’, as some of you travellers/avid readers, may know, is Italian for “Little Girl“. It is a word affectionately used by Italians for girls who are short. The girls who are a little over 5 feet but insist they are 5 feet 1 or those that are 5 feet 1 and insist they are almost 5 feet 2.

I was in Italy for a few months and it was the most beautiful way I could have spent that time. A stunning, tall, greek friend of mine used to call me Piccola. I loved the word surprisingly. No one likes being called short, right? No one enjoys being short. Not all the time at least. When you see Angelina Jolie adorn a gorgeous gown or, closer to home, Sonam Kapoor who is a style goddess no less- you wish you were tall! You suddenly want those endless legs and basically wish how you could carry off everything that say Sonam or Deepika (Padukone of course) wear.

Don’t worry, I am going to talk about exactly that and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do my Piccolas! And you’re going to enjoy it because its mostly do’s and very little don’ts. You’re going to have new fashion idols who are as tall as you, hot and also cute. Yes, cute. Isn’t that a basic short girl problem. You don’t want to be called cute all the time! But think of it this way- you get to be both. Cute makes you real. You can be yourself, no pretences, no baby talk, and be cute because you are! You don’t have to try! And seriously, take the compliment when someone calls you cute next time rather than wishing he would say you’re hot! You dressed up for you, not for a compliment- although it is always nice to hear someone appreciate your looks- its not frivolous or superficial. Trust me. Its human.

There you go- we already know we all love compliments, we also know exactly the compliment we want, we often don’t get to hear exactly that but when we do get one- we should be gracious, straighten up our spine and feel a little heady- like we know it and WE OWN IT.


Until next time,