Unlike Demi, I’m not cool for the summer.

I wanted to write something for the Piccolas today but I think the Indian summer is not my time.

You have to be as unlucky as I to really understand what I am sweating about. If you’re unemployed in the summer, you don’t live in a metropolitan city in India, or in the hills, summer is murder.
Say hello to power cuts and no, don’t you dare pray for better weather because the moment you see ONE gray cloud and maybe it gets a little breezy, you’re going to be powerless, quite literally.
And when you feel, so powerless, what are you gonna do? (So you’re going to sing like Nelly now)?


Moving on, I cannot stress a better time to be employed than in the summer. I know when you’re travelling for the strictly necessary, almost obligatory summer vacation overseas you wish your leave was a little longer or that you were unemployed- but trust me you WANT to be employed for the 4-5 months of India’s scorching summer.

I miss wearing a sweater in June, complaining about the air conditioning being too cold- no really, I have had more paracetomol for headaches because of freezing temperatures in June than at any other time of the year.

I love to hear about digital India, incredible India- such fairy tales really. I could talk about an exemplary, progressive India, sitting in my enormous home in the Capital heady with power. (Wao a lot of puns in this piece of writing!)
You know with ISRO launching missiles after missiles, every Indian having a phone, every election campaign where laptops are promised to families in rural India- since of course, thats the need of the hour. You start to believe it is all really going somewhere.
But just outside of the metropolis, with power cuts for 10-12 hours easy, you really wonder if Calvin Harris, Demi Lovato, Seals & Crofts would feel the same way about summer as they did when they sang those songs we all love if they lived here. Only Lana Del Ray got it right with her summertime sadness. Perhaps, she was visiting & the words just came to her! Who tried to make this song a happy one with that remix?
Although old, give theses numbers a listen & maybe you’ll feel better about the summer unless you are employed & are thoroughly confused by my hard feelings for summer:
Seals & Crofts: Summer breeze
Demi Lovato: Cool for the summer
Calvin Harris: Summer
Lana Del Ray: Summertime sadness
The featured image of the surf boards by the way, is from Byron Bay, Australia. That is where you want to be in the summer. Byron Bay- where summer is LOVE. We’ll talk about it in better weather.
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